Schooner Lake Fishing Map: Bay of Quinte & Land O’ Lakes

  • dimensions: 12″x18″
  • double sided
  • laminated map
  • black/white
  • water depth contour lines
  • locations for the major fish species
  • access points
  • information on fish habits and movements
  • fishing tips
  • MNR/Travel & Accommodation info. sources

Major Lake Species:  Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout

Lake Facts:

  • the Schooner Lakes (Round & Long Schooner) are located off of Schooner Road which is north of the village of Plevna in northern Frontenac County
  • Round Schooner Lat. 45° 07′ Long. 76° 59′
  • Long Schooner Lat. 45° 06′ Long. 76° 58′
  • Round Schooner is the deeper of the two reaching depths of 100′. Long Schooner reaches depths of 65′
  • the water flows from Long to Round Schooner and exits via the Mackie Creek on the northwest side. Look for some good weed beds where Mackie Ck. enters Long Schooner and also around the islands. Watch for reeds, submerged logs and stumps in the shallows
  • the lakes have been regularly stocked with lake trout
  • a public access point is located at the end of Schooner Road on the south end of Long Schooner Lake
  • permits are required for camping and parking (available in Plevna)
  • the major fish species include large and smallmouth bass, pike and lake trout
  • the Schooner Lakes are situated within Fisheries Management Zone 18