Obabika Lake Fishing Map: Northern Ontario

  • dimensions: 12″x18″
  • double sided
  • laminated map
  • black/white
  • water depth contour lines
  • locations for the major fish species
  • access points
  • information on fish habits and movements
  • fishing tips
  • MNR/Travel & Accommodation info. sources

Major Lake Species:  Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Whitefish, Lake Trout

Lake Facts:

  • Obabika Lake is located at the end of Hwy. 805 north of Sturgeon Falls in the District of Nipissing
  • the lake is part of the Temagami-Smoothwater-Lady Evelyn Lake system
  • Obabika is a deep, clear cold water lake that is well oxygenated and low in nutrient content
  • the lake reaches maximum depths (on the north end) of 130’+. It is approx. 32 km long
  • the lake consists of 2 sections connected by a narrows. While there are some sandy areas (the most notable being a sand bar at mid lake), the shoreline consists primarily of rock rubble with adjacent quick drop offs.
  • Keep a eye out for submerged logs and stumps
  • there is some sparse weed growth in the bays
  • structural features such as island clusters, shoals, underwater humps, points and reefs are fish magnets
  • public access to the lake can be had via a portage from the Northwest Arm of Lake Temagami or a portage on the north end of the lake via the Wakimika River. A private resort is located on the south end of the lake
  • Obabika Lake is situated within Fisheries Management Zone 11