Lake Temiskaming Fishing Map: Northern Ontario

  • dimensions: 12″x18″
  • double sided
  • laminated map
  • black/white
  • water depth contour lines
  • locations for the major fish species
  • access points
  • information on fish habits and movements
  • fishing tips
  • MNR/Travel & Accommodation info. sources

Major Lake Species:  Lake Trout, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Herring, Bluegill, Rock Bass

Lake Facts:

  • Lake Temiskaming straddles the Ontario and Quebec border and is located beside the towns of New Liskeard and Hailiebury in the District of Timiskaming
  • co-ordinates: Lat. 46° 52′ Long. 79° 15′
    the lake is the headwaters of and part of the Ottawa River drainage basin
  • the perimeter of the lake is 256 km (160 miles)
  • while the lake reaches depths of 700′, the average depth is 117′
  • due to its depth the lake stratifies thermally in the summer. However there are huge shallow weedy flats in Wabi Bay, Sutton Bay, Paulson Bay and areas east of Mann and Bryson Islands.
  • these weedbeds provide excellent cover for pike and walleye. The river and creek inflows on the north end of the lake are good early season walleye areas. As the season progresses many of these fish move to the deeper shoals and mainland points. Smallmouth bass locations include deep weed lines, island shorelines, points and humps in the 15′-25′ range and rock/sand/weed transition zones
  • good public boat launches can be found at the town marinas in Haileybury and New Liskeard
  • the major fish species include smallmouth bass, walleye, pike and yellow perch
  • Lake Temiskaming is situated within Fisheries Management Zone 12